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What we do?

Customized components | Sub-assembling


CXE connects businesses by bringing the design and manufacturing resources of the industry leading companies we represent to serve the unique needs of our customers. We’ve built our business on delivering the highest quality parts at speed and scale. We offer services and technologies across 30+ countries all around the world.

Nothing is impossible

CXE provides over 13 years of experience combined with the design and manufacturing resources of the industry-leading companies we represent to serve the unique needs of our customers. Whether you require a simple off-the-shelf component, an engineered assembly, or a complete turnkey solution, CX Engineering, in collaboration with our partners, will find a solution.

Consistent quality control

Our highly skilled team follows our work instructions and quality management system to meet your requirements. Avoid costly product returns and meet customer expectations.

What we do?

Idea | Design | R&D

From idea to product

We work according to the ISO 13845 & ISO 9001:2015 and offer complete engineering design services to take any type of project from a concept to a ready solution. Our highly skilled and experienced professionals with various industry backgrounds will support your projects. We can either work with you from the very beginning or jump in when it is already running. Diverse competencies and skills in all areas and levels of project.

Proven technology & guidelines

Our team is therefore accustomed to working according to the ISO 13845 & ISO 9001:2015. We offer complete engineering design services to take any type of project from a concept to a ready solution. Our team provide long-term, environment friendly and sustainable infrastructure design services with the use of the latest technologies, resulting in cost saving, improved quality and fast-track project delivery.

We believe in what you do

In the process of creating new products, we adapt customer’s vision to technology and standards. We always try to find solutions tailored to your budget and needs. R&D Team cares about design and durability, while production and quality control employees make sure that your goods reach you in accordance to the order and in the highest quality.

Our backup

Over +100 projects / Since 2009 / Over +50 satisfied customers / Over +25 engineers

So whether you are starting up a new enterprise, ramping up production, thinking about relocating your manufacturing base, or if you need a partner to address your pain points, you will find flexibility, reliability and unparalleled experience from a dedicated team at CXE.

What we do?

Contract manufacturing I OEM

Manufacturing for every stage of your journey

We provide contract manufacturing services & OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture), from initial product concept and design all the way through to logistics and delivery.

Zero-Accident policy

CXE is an ISO13485, ISO9001:2015 certified company. We maintain stringent quality standards in our manufacturing processes, and ensure products go through rigorous quality checks at every stage of production.

Reliable partners

CXE’s model of OEM is flexible and dynamic. We have accumulated 35 years of experience working with hundreds of suppliers. We always place and manage our clients’ designs in the production plant best suited to their need for logistics, compliance and order volume.

Manufacturing Excellence

Through innovative thinking, automation, and dedication to excellence, CXE will help you to minimize costs while maintaining quality. As a contract manufacturer, we view ourselves as an extension of our clients’ manufacturing capabilities — and possess a mutual interest in your success.