Micro-positioning XYZ system

A precise machine made of over 250 parts, aluminum sheet frame, movement controlled by stepper motors.
Used for positioning the patient's head during ophtalmic and optometric examination.

2018 - DFX of an existing project. Contract production launched.
2019 - Large-scale production at our plant.

Mobile stand

This highly adaptable mobile stand is an ideal choice for the needs of the eye-tracking technology.

The height of the stand can easily be adjusted by pressing buttons situated under the tabletop.The monitor adjustment allows to work in a comfortable ergonomic position. Effortlessly swivels, tilts and portrait to landscape rotation provide a wide range of movement.Thanks to this, the patient can fully benefit from the possibility of communicating with their relatives and therapist, without changing their position.

Electric table for dermatoscopy and trichology

Functional table allowing installation of trichology and dermatoscopy devices. Space for PC and monitor mounting is also provided.
Our designers made sure that apart from adapting to the equipment parameters, the tables from this line looked aesthetically.

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